Happy Monday everyone! Last weekend has passed by very quick,
I was busy doing my first Video on my YouTube channel, for wich I’m absolutely beyond excited and I can’t wait to share it with you guys, while hoping that you are going to like it! And today in this cold day I was thinking: What can make you feel warmer in the heart of the winter and give you the sense of fashion as well? Ohhh of course, it is a Fur coat!
So today’s inspiration comes from Pinterest. Nothing like fashionistas streetstyle inspo, can help us put some color and print in our fall wardrobe!
Fur coats make fantastic additions to any stylish wardrobe. Best way of  shopping for a fur coat is to be classic, timeless, and elegant because it can last for a log time.
There are tons of ways to wear fur coat and I selected some of my favorite looks, so I hope you are going to enjoy this post xx

xx E.P

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