Oh Hello Hair!

Oh Hello you!

I have to share this with you, I’ve had a long hard and bed time in my life trying to find something that helps my hair to stay healthy, I’ve been buying and trying a lots of products for my hair and that was my biggest mistake because as much products I used on my hair, that much my hair was going unhealthy. I have thin hair with oily roots and my ends are dry and frizzy!
But as we all know, everything has an end and same did my unhealthy hair!
So, guys I want you to meet my ‘Oh Hello Hair’ Mask that definitely changed my life!¬†This Mask¬†does hydrate and revitalise dry and damaged hair, giving your locks new life and lustre. It also helps hair grow, while working to repair damage from heat styling and as you can see, I couldn’t leave for vacations without this 100% natural Mask. It is filled with miracle working ingredients such as coconut, argan and almond oil. To use it, work 2-3 squirts into dry hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes, but the longer the better. For an even deeper treatment, you can leave it on overnight and in the morning just shampoo your hair and they will shine.
‘Oh Hello Hair’ in necessary!

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